Wellcome to Eggingtime - Egg art by Caroline Södergren!

I work in a batik technique on eggs where the design is drawn on to the eggs with hot beeswax and then dyed in layers of colour. Finally the wax is melted off to reveal the design. I work on emptied eggs of Chicken, Turkey, Goose and Ostrich. All the eggs are handmade. Some of the eggs are for sale and I also work on commission. Please contact me if you are interested in ordering on commission! The dyes are not colorfast, so they need to be kept away from sunlight.


How is this eggs done?

The eggs are written with hot beeswax and then dipped in different layers of colors. The wax seals every color and when it is melted away the design appears.
Like Magic!

Follow me in to the world of Egging!