Welcome to the Gallery

Here you will find a selection of my works. Some of the eggs are for sale and some of them can be ordered on request. 

Little India. Pink, turquoise and blue on goose egg. Made to order.

Feather Flower. Teal on black Gosse. Made to order.

Crain. Grey, white and green on turkey egg. 

Forrest Swetehearts (Part One). Sweethearts with gold leaf on goose egg. 

Leaf and Seeds. Natural colours on Goose egg. Made to order.

OhLaLa Egg. Swinging OhLaLa with snake on dark blue Turkey egg.

Birds in tree. Dark blue birds on green and yellow Turkey eggs. Made to order.

Landscape egg. Goose egg.

Mini Chicken in brown/white.

Japan on Goose egg.

Birds in tree. Ostrich egg.

Midsummer on Goose egg.

Patterns. Blue on blue. Ostrich egg.

About commission orders

Please note that all eggs are handmade witch means that if you like to order a commission egg it will look a bit different from this pictures since they all are unik! Please allow 4 weeks delivery for commissions. Contact me for prices and commissions.